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Ikkle bletherings

Small talk from a small girl

25 June 1975
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30ish Scottish, Short, TV obsessed, no direction in life, lady-type personage.

I did intend this journal to be a home to witty rambling on the topics of TV shows, life and world events. However romance came my way and made all over thoughts vacate the premises. I will TRY to swoon less and be witty more....

Wot's in me blog?:
M.E. - crappy illness I suffer from and which shapes and dictates my life
Andy (Formerly Mr Hot, Hot, A) - My husband to be. I met online dating; you can read the story from Page One on this very blog.
K, Debbie, D, Shug - my real life bestest female friends who form my crew, my homies, my peeps.
Mum - self-explanatory. I've never left home but now since my Dad died in June 05 it's just the 2 of us living together.
Brother#1, B and Ayanna - Oldest brother his wife and new baby. Recently moved back to Dundee.
Brother#2 - Other older brother. More elusive.
The Cousin - The closest of my 30-something cousins. Like a sister to me. looksa fetr me, but I look after her. Has a bastard of a husband known as "The Arse".